SLV Roasters

Tim Gardner

Tim Gardner is the owner of Jernabi Coffeehouse and owner/roaster of St. Lawrence Valley Roasters. Tim began experimenting with home roasted coffee and quickly realized the exceptional quality that is a fresh roast. Noticing the lack of quality coffee in the North Country he decided to start his own roasting business, St. Lawrence Valley Roasters, and in 2008 began supplying high quality fresh roasted coffee across NNY. In 2012 Tim bought Jernabi Coffeehouse as the main hub for SLVRoasters Coffee sales.

St. Lawrence Valley Roasters

Tim established St. Lawrence Valley Roasters in 2008. He started out of his garage in Lisbon, NY with Fairly Traded and Organic beans imported through Royal Coffee Imports. After a few years of growth he moved his roastery to West Potsdam, NY and currently roasts on Diedrich roaster. With many clients across Northern New York, lots of coffeeshops and local stores now carry SLVR coffee. Check out our "Store" Page to order yours today! Email further questions or concerns to Tim at
All SLVR coffees are roasted to order Mondays and Thursdays and ship the following business day.

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